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ISAR - International Scientific and Research Journals

ISAR (International Scientific and Research Journals, An International Open Access Journal) explores advances in research pertaining to applied, theoretical and experimental Technological studies. The goal of ISAR is to promote scientific information interchange between researchers, developers, students, and practitioners working in and around the world.

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Engineering Journals

 International Journal of Research in Engineering Technology (ISAR - Engineering)

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         Impact Factor: 2.52       Current Issues       Archives

 ISAR International Journal of Electronics and Communication Ethics (ISAR IJECE)

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         Impact Factor: 0.52       Current Issues       Archives

 International Journal of Electrical and Electronic Ethics (ISAR IJEEE)

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         Impact Factor: 1.8       Current Issues       Archives

 ISAR Journal of Advanced Research in Engineering ( ISAR JARE )

 ISAR Journal OF Mechanical Engineering and Techniques (ISAR JMET)

 ISAR Journal of Production Technology and Management ( ISAR JPTM )

 ISAR Journal of Industrial Engineering Research and Development (ISAR JIERD)

 ISAR Journal of Thermal Engineering ( ISAR JTE )

Networking Journals

 ISAR International Journal of P2P Network and Techniques ( ISAR IJPT)

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         Impact Factor: 1.66       Current Issues       Archives

Mathematics and Science Journals

 ISAR International Journal of Mathematics and Computing Techniques (ISARIJMCT)

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         Impact Factor: 1.86       Current Issues       Archives

 ISAR International Journal of Advance in chemistry ( ISAR JAC )

 ISAR International Journal of Advances in Physics ( ISAR JAP )

 ISAR Journal of Biotechnology ( ISAR JB)

Computer and Information Technology Journals

 International Journal of Computer science engineering Techniques ( ISAR IJCSE )

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         Impact Factor: 2.402       Current Issues       Archives

 ISAR International Journal of Computer Organization Techniques ( ISAR IJCOT)

 ISAR Journal of Information Technology Systems ( ISAR JITS )

 ISAR Journal of Graphics and Multimedia ( ISAR JGM )

 ISAR Journal of Software Engineering ( ISAR JSE )

 ISAR Journal of Computer Applications ( ISAR JCA )

 ISAR Journal of Computer Applications Research and Development ( ISAR JCARD )

Language Journals

 ISAR Journal of English Language and Literature ( ISAR JEL)

Management Journals

 ISAR Journal of Business and Management ( ISAR JBM)

Multidisciplinary Journal

 ISAR International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research ( ISAR IJMR)

 ISAR Journal of Academic Research and Development ( ISAR JARD)

 ISAR Journal of Advanced Education and Research ( ISAR JAER)